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4 Beginner Stand Up Paddleboard Tips You Can Use

Posted by on Feb 7, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Standing up on a paddleboard can be challenging for the first timer, but you may discover that you enjoy paddleboarding and want to know more about it. Here are four tips that will help you become an expert paddleboarder in no time. Put Your Board in the Right Direction If you are new to paddleboarding, you might not be sure which end of the board should face forward into the waves. As a rule, the fins on the underside of the board should be at the back. As you move into waves, a board with fins in the back will keep the board moving smoothly so you can start standing. If your fins are in the front, you’ll have a more difficult time standing. Look in the Direction You’re Going When you’re riding your board, the immediate temptation is to watch the board itself and focus on whether you’re balancing correctly. However, just as when you’re driving a car, the best place to look is where you’re going. That way, you can anticipate problem waves before you reach them, and you can react in a way that will keep you standing on your board. Get a Leash While you may think that leashes are for animals, one of the smartest paddleboard accessories you can get is a good leash. Leashes help you stay attached to your board. This is extremely important, because the conditions in the water may not be what you’re expecting, or you may make a mistake and end up in the winter. A leash can help you to stay afloat and keep you from floating away when you need help. You need to do a bit of research to determine which leash is right for you. There are ankle leashes and calf leashes, as well as straight and coiled leashes. The one you choose will be related to the way you stand on your board; try the different kinds of leashes so that you know which will be best for your riding style. Learn to Fall Properly Just as you might practice paddleboarding techniques, you need to remember that you’ll fall. Falling in the right way will help you minimize any injuries. Be sure to practice falling, with your focus being to remember to fall away from your paddleboard. If you have a leash, you need not worry you’ll get lost in the waves. However, falling away from the waves will ensure you don’t hit your body on the board. With the tips in this article, you can get the hang of this sport. Just take your time and keep practicing, and you will soon be an expert at standup...

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How Safe Is Your Dock? 3 Things Your Dock Must Have In Order To Be Safe

Posted by on Jan 14, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you have a pond, lake or river near your property that you can use for recreational purposes, you probably want to create safe and easy access to the water. One of the best ways to do this is through the addition of a floating dock. A floating dock will allow you to dock your boat, do a little fishing or simply dive off into the water. However, you must make sure your dock is safe for everyone who uses it. Following are three things your dock needs in order to be safe.  Size and Stability Generally speaking, a larger dock with a lower profile is more stable and less likely to flip than a smaller dock. While you don’t need a large dock to tie your boat to, since your boat can be much larger than your dock, you have to consider size and stability for safety reasons. First, you must consider how the dock will be used. If your kids are going to dive off it, and it’s perfectly fine for it to flip over now and then, you can have a dock that’s relatively small, but larger than 4 feet wide – docks that are smaller than 4 feet wide roll like logs. Second, you must consider how many people will be using your dock at one time. A dock that is 6×12 feet is fine for two people, but you need more space if you plan to entertain more than that.  Slip-Resistant Surface You have several choices when it comes to selecting the surface of your deck. Wooden decks are the most popular, but you can also purchase decks made from resin or composite material. If you choose the latter, make sure the surface is slip resistant and that puddles will not form on top of the deck. After all, slip and fall injuries are very common around the water, and you don’t want someone falling and hitting their head off the side of your deck.  Adequate Water Depth The water surrounding your dock should be deep enough to dive into. If your water is shallow toward the shoreline, you will have to place a floating ramp on the water, leading from the shoreline to your dock. To be safe, water must be at least 5 feet deep on all sides of your dock. There are many safety considerations you should make when purchasing a floating dock. While the goal is to have fun on the water, you should do everything you can to make sure everyone stays safe on the water. For more tips, contact a company like Dock...

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Preparing Your Boat For Winter Storage

Posted by on Dec 15, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

When the summer boating season ends, you need to prepare your boat to go into storage, whether it be an inside storage unit or storage outdoors. This will help ensure the most protection for your boat, so that when the warm weather finally arrives again, you and your family will be back out on the open waters before you know it. So take the time to get your boat ready, find a reliable storage facility near you, and know that your boat is weathering the winter cold just fine. Preparing the Mechanics of the Boat Acids or water that have found their way inside the oil can corrode your boat’s engine, so be sure to change the oil and filter so that no water remains inside the engine during the winter months.  Also, drain the coolant and flush the system with water. Fill with antifreeze to protect your engine from freezing and corrosion.  Controlling Mechanisms You should remove the drive belts from your boat before placing it into storage. This is because the drive belts can crack if kept under tension for a long period of time. Also, grease the control mechanisms to ensure these parts are moving as they should when you remove your boat from storage.   It’s also a good idea to disconnect the battery so that it does not drain and die while in storage. Charge the battery a few times over the winter to ensure it’s working properly when it’s time to get the boat on the water again.  Regarding your gas tank, it’s a good idea to fill it before placing in storage. An empty gas tank can have a build-up of condensation, causing corrosion or other damage when the moisture freezes. Use some gasoline stabilizer so that gas does not break down while in storage.  The Boat’s Interior It’s a good idea to remove the boat’s electronics if you are storing the boat outdoors. Fabric, canvas and leather should also be removed, as moisture build-up can cause mildew and mold growth. Water tanks should be emptied out and antifreeze should be run through the pipes.  Also, give your boat a good waxing and washing to help prevent rust and corrosion build-up on your boat. This part is especially important if you plan on storing the boat outside. Also, if your storage facility is outside, you’ll want to invest in a good, strong cover to protect your boat from the elements. Follow these tips, and your boat will be ready to take you for a ride the first sign of boating weather. Visit sites like for more tips about boat...

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Five Vacations That Will Make You Feel Healthy And Fit

Posted by on Nov 21, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

For many travelers, going on vacation can put health and fitness on the back-burner. In fact, many must deprive themselves when they return home just to undo the damage done during their trips. There are some great vacation alternatives that will not only get you moving and eating right while away, but that will make you feel healthy, fit, and rejuvenated when you return. Five great active vacations to consider include: White-water rafting A white-water rafting trip is more than merely riding down the river on a boat. In fact, the exhilaration and excitement of the rapids will make many feel rejuvenated and revitalized. Furthermore, many of these journeys offer additional options to travelers such as zip-lining and climbing adventures. Golf packages A golfing vacation at a place like Sterling Golf Services can be the best of all worlds: long days on the course followed by five-star amenities at the lodge or club. Try to skip renting a cart and walk the greens to amp-up the healthfulness of a golfing getaway. Many golf resorts also offer options such as tennis, spas, and swimming, so there is something for everyone. Yoga retreat There are some exquisite yoga retreats that will not only get you moving and active, but that will restore a sense of balance and calm in those who attend. Typically the food at a yoga-style getaway is geared toward health, and you won’t have to worry about gaining weight while away. The experience can be the perfect way to relax and unwind while doing something good for your body. Boot-camp If you really want a work-out, try the boot-camp style retreats that are offered for those looking at a structured exercise regimen. While there may not be much relaxing at one of these high-intensity trainings, the results can be amazing. Many lose weight, gain muscle, and come home feeling fit and healthy. Spa weekend A weekend at the spa may not seem like an active vacation, but many of the options found at high-end spas and resorts will give you an edge toward your fitness goals. Wraps, massage, saunas, and treatments can reduce water-weight while making you feel refreshed and invigorated. The food is usually geared toward healthy, whole foods that will treat you right from the inside-out! Avoid feeling bloated and inactive when you get home from your vacation. Try something new, and get some exercise while away. Treat yourself to the healthful foods, beautiful scenery, and inventive fitness options offered by some of these destinations. One of these trips could be just the thing to jump-start you toward your health...

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Hitting A Home Run: How To Help Your Child Get Ready For Baseball Tryouts

Posted by on Nov 20, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The spring thaw not only brings the end of the winter chill, but also the beginning of baseball season. If your child is ready to try out for the baseball team, it can be an exciting and overwhelming time. The first time your child faces baseball tryouts, it can be intimidating. If you want to help give your child the best possible chance of landing a spot on the team, preparation is essential. Here are some core skills to focus on before tryouts are scheduled. Addressing the Athletics If your child has athletic ability and a strong foundation of baseball skills, it can improve the chances of success at the tryouts. For several weeks leading up to the tryouts, spend time practicing core skills to help your child develop confidence and control. Make sure that your child practices in uniform. By wearing a full uniform to practice, it provides a chance for him or her to become comfortable playing in the gear that he or she is going to have to play full games in. Practice pitching with a focus on the mechanics. Consider grip, aim and follow-through as part of the routine. Teach your child how to maintain solid form when running and the proper way to slide without suffering a serious injury. Then, take time to focus on fielding. Practice several different types of plays to build a versatile foundation of skills. Remembering the Positive Attitude The old saying about attitude being everything couldn’t be more accurate than when you’re part of a team, like in organized sports. Before the tryouts, take time to talk with your child about the importance of teamwork, respect and listening to the coach. It’s also important to set some reasonable expectations. Explain to your child that mistakes are normal, and to make sure that he or she is prepared for them. It’s important that your child not let a missed pitch or a dropped ball throw off the entire tryout. Making Tryout Day a Success Arrive early for the tryouts so that your child can take some time to get familiar with the field, the other kids and the coach. It will also provide time for warming up before the tryouts start. No matter what, baseball tryouts should be fun and exciting. You want to be sure that your child is going to have fun. After all, what good is it to be part of the team if it isn’t going to be fun to play the sport? With the tips presented here, your child can approach tryouts through South Bay Sports Training with the right level of expectations and confidence in his or her abilities on the...

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