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3 BIG Advantages That Come Along With Installing Automatic Motorcycle Ramps On Your Pickup

Owning your own motorcycle means you have a new way to look at travel and leisure, but this also means you have a new vehicle that could be better served with a few auto accessories. Automatic motorcycle ramps are one of those automobile accessories that most bike owners will never consider investing in, but these things are well worth the investment for you as the owner of a motorcycle. Take a quick look at these three big advantages you could reap with the installation of automatic motorcycle ramps on your pickup truck. 

Haul your bike for area-specific trips. 

There are some pretty incredible bike runs all across the US, but this does not necessarily mean that driving the bike across country sounds ideal. If you want to hit up those awesome motorcycle trails that are known for their great scenery without having to actually drive your bike, hauling it is a much better option. With a pickup truck outfitted with automatic motorcycle ramps, you can do this without the hassle of hauling a motorcycle trailer on the back of your truck. You can simple load the motorcycle on the back of your truck, drive close to the trail, and unload when you see fit. 

Haul your bike to a mechanic without hassle. 

If something goes wrong with your motorcycle or you are having some body work done, you will normally be left with the task of either finding a trailer to haul your bike on or finding someone who can pick you up at the shop if the bike is driveable, both of which can be a major pain. If your truck has automatic ramps, getting to the shop for any kind of work is a much easier feat to handle. Plus, it will not matter if the bike is working or not. 

Avoid the risk of damaging your bike while trying to load it on the bed of your truck. 

Most long-bed pickup trucks can easily haul a regular-sized motorcycle. The only problem is, getting the bike on the bed of the truck can be really hard if you don’t have any equipment. It is all too easy to cause damage to your motorcycle by trying to load it onto the bed of the truck with makeshift ramps. When you have the automatic ramps in place, your efforts will be as simple as pushing a button to let the ramps down and rolling the bike on board. 

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Advancing To Competition: Choosing A Leotard That Stands Up To Advanced Performance

Moving into competition level is a major accomplishment for every gymnast. Yet, this new stage in your child’s sports journey will require some wardrobe adjustments. In competition, a gymnast’s uniform must be comfortable enough for them to perform complicated routines while still creating a professional appearance that emphasizes skill and muscle definition. As you explore your options, use this guide to ensure that your gymnast’s favorite leotard will make them stand out from the competition.

Focus On Fit

Looser clothing may be perfectly acceptable in beginner’s gymnastics classes, and it is not uncommon to see parents purchase outfits with a little growing room. However, leotards should fit like a second skin when gymnasts advance into competitions. By making sure the fabric fits snugly against your child’s skin, you will prevent it being caught on equipment while ensuring that they feel comfortable as they hold their poses.

Choose the Right Sleeve

Many gymnasts prefer the look of sleeveless styles, yet they are usually not preferred for competitions. Full-length sleeves, however, can be cumbersome and lead to overheating in warmer sports arenas. Three-quarter length sleeves are a happy medium that create a put-together look while having enough flexibility for comfort. Ultimately, the sleeves are a personal choice so let your gymnast try on a variety of options before you settle on a certain style.

Dress It Up

There is nothing like wearing a uniform that dazzles to bolster a young gymnast’s confidence. Gymnastics leotards come in a variety of fabrics with embellishments such as rhinestones and sequins that draw the eye to the precision movements required to complete a routine. If your gymnast competes on a team, then choose a training leotard that is similar to their required uniform. For independent competitors, the sky is the limit. Encourage your child to fill their competition wardrobe with fabrics and glimmer that makes them feel like they can accomplish anything.

Once you find the right leotard, consider buying more than one of the same style so that your gymnast always has one available in case of a wardrobe malfunction. Sweat and traveling can take its toll so be sure to choose quality uniforms and review the care instructions before cutting out the tag. By giving your gymnast a suit that fits them perfectly while adding that extra something that stands out on the floor, you will show them that they have your full support as they move into a new stage of competition.

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3 Reasons Why Whitewater Rafting Can Be Done By Anyone

If you are look into going on a rafting trip, but aren’t sure if it is something that you are going to be capable of, you will be happy to know that almost anyone can go on a rafting trip thanks to a variety of choices and modifications. This article will discuss 3 reasons why whitewater rafting can be modified to meet the needs of almost anyone. 

There Are Different River Choices

When it comes to choosing what type of river you would like to raft, you are going to have a variety of options. There are rivers that are more mild for beginners, a bit more quick moving and difficult for those who are intermediate, and rivers that are quite long and tough for those that are advanced. When you are looking for potential locations to take your rafting trip, this is something that many rafting trip companies have located right on their website or in their brochure, making it easy to for you to find the best river rafting trip to meet your needs. 

You Can Go on Guided Tours 

If you aren’t comfortable or able to raft a river on your own, then you can go on a guided tour. When you go on a guided tour, you can either have the guides in your raft with you or you can have them in their own raft leading your raft. It is wise to have them in the raft with you if you aren’t able to steer the raft on your own, such as if you are elderly, or if you have several younger children in the raft. It is wise to have the guide lead your raft in their own raft if you are unfamiliar with the river and fear that you may get stuck or lost when rafting. 

You Choose the Length of Your Trip

You also can choose how long or short your would like your rafting trip to be. If you are really hardcore and experienced when it comes to rafting, you have the option of going on a rafting excursion that will allow you to raft several different rivers over the course of a few days. You will likely be staying in cabins or tents at night, and will need to be athletic and have a high endurance level in order to raft for several days in a row. On the other hand, if you want to do something that is short and simple, you can instead go on a day rafting trip that is more suited for those we aren’t super athletic or used to the world or river rafting. 

To get started or learn more about your options, contact services like Andy and Bax.

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Top 4 Types Of Lure To Use For Bass Fishing

If you want to take up bass fishing this year, you need to make sure that you have the right type of lure in your tackle box. Here are the top four types of lures that you should carry with you if you want to be a successful bass fisher this year.

#1 Plastic Worms

Sometimes, the classic choice is really the best choice. You should always have a supply of plastic worms in your tackle box because they are not only classic, they are effective. Plastic worms do a good job emulating real worms and are a natural food choice for all types of fish, including bass.

For bass fish, you are going to want to stock up on Texas worm rigs. Other good types of plastic worms for bass fishing include Caroline, Wacky and Drop Shot worm rigs. 

When you use plastic worms, be sure to keep your line tight so you can feel if a bass nibbles or eats the worm so you can hook them and reel them in.

#2 Crankbaits

Crankbaits are great because they allow you to attract fish from within a large area in not a lot of time. When you fish for bass with crankbait, you are going to want to do a lot of casting and reeling. When the crankbait is in the water, you need to make sure you jerk the rod a bit. This will cause the crankbait to move around and potential attract the fish in the area.

The key is using crankbait is to figure out how deep in the water the bass in the area you are fishing like to hang out, and cast your line at that depth.

#3 Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits work really well at catching bass because they create a lot of light and movement under the water, which attracts bass fish. All the light that a spinnerbait creates allows you to attract bass that are within a fairly large radius from where you are casting your line. 

When fishing with a spinnerbait, you are going to want to cast and reel the line in a straight line. This is the best way to get the most movement out of the spinnerbait. As you reel the line you, you should occasionally pause for a few seconds. Doing this will allow the bait to sink and create fluttering motions under the water, which will help attract local bass to your line.

#4 Jigs

Finally, if you are a very skilled fisherman, you may want to try bass jibs. These are a very effective type of lure to catch bass fish with but require a higher level of skill to use. 

To use a jig, you need to be able to pick the right one. The right jig depends on where you are fishing as you want the jig you use to weight enough to sink to the bottom of the body of water where you are fishing and stay on the bottom. Jigs are designed to look like catfish, which live on the bottom of lakes and rivers. You have to really know the area you are fishing in order to fish with jigs.

Additionally, when you fish with jigs, you need to be skilled at flipping and pitching your reel; jigs are not designed for distance casting. This is a type of bait that you should use for bass when you are really comfortable with your reel and your location. 

Each of the four types of lures listed above will allow you to effectively catch bass fish and are all lures that you should keep in your tackle box. The type of lure that you use should depend on where you are fishing and your fishing skill level. To learn more, contact a company like CAROLINA FISHING TACKLE LLC.

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Self-Defense Products That Women Can Wear With Discretion

When you’re a woman who spends a considerable amount of time alone in the city — and perhaps in areas that are less than desirable — it’s important to be able to defend yourself if you’re accosted. Self-defense products such as pepper spray and a collapsing baton are useful to carry, but you’ll typically need to carry such items inside your purse or pocket, where you may not be able to reach them in time if you’re attacked. A simple solution is to choose self-defense products that you can wear on your person, which allows you to strike out at an assailant quickly enough to cause him to flee. Here are some useful ideas for these products.

Self-Defense Gloves

During the fall and winter, women will often wear gloves when they’re outside, so it’s worthwhile to change your designer gloves for a pair of self-defense gloves to help protect yourself. These gloves are built in various styles. Some have weights distributed around the knuckles, allowing you to deliver a devastating strike with much more power than a conventional punch, while others actually have plastic caps over the knuckles for the same purpose. The former style will blend in nicely, while the latter type is best to wear under a pair of larger gloves or mittens if you want to use discretion.

Shoelace Inserts

If you’re going to be wearing lace-up shoes or boots, attaching a set of shoelace inserts to each piece of footwear is ideal. These self-defense items typically consist of hard plastic spikes that sit in the middle of your laces. They’ll allow you to kick at an assailant and inflict significant damage. While people might technically look down and notice these products, the average person isn’t inspecting your shoes, which will allow you to wear them with relative discretion — and, if you’re out at night, the shadows will render these useful items virtually invisible.


Many self-defense companies produce jewelry for women to wear to feel more confident when they’re out alone. These items, which include spiked rings and bracelets, can often look fashionable, meaning that no one will suspect that you’re wearing them to defend yourself if you’re ever attacked. Additionally, things such as bracelets are worn beneath your sleeves, which means that no one will notice them. If you’re attacked, you can quickly swing your arms at the assailant’s face and scratch him hard enough for you to make your escape.

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Love Water Skiing But Not Great At It? 3 Reasons You Should Try Wakeboarding

Nothing can be more disheartening than finally getting out on the water to try water skiing, but then realizing that while the time you spend upright on those skis gliding on the water is so much fun, you unfortunately spend more time falling and strapping those water skis back on than you do enjoying the feeling of being on top of the water. However, just because you found out that water skiing wasn’t for you doesn’t mean that there aren’t similar water sports that you may be good or even amazing at. Wakeboarding is a great option that can be just as fun, if not more fun than water skiing, and here are three reasons why you may find it easier and more enjoyable than you found water skiing!

1. The Body Muscles Engaged by Each Sport Differ

Even though you may not be a great water skier, you may end up finding wakeboarding easy if your difficulty skiing was due to lack of strength in the specific muscles used to stay upright on water skis. Many people who experience difficulty staying upright on water skis lack strength in the specific muscles most engaged during the sport, which are the core, thigh, and back muscles.

When wakeboarding, virtually all of the muscles of your body are engaged in keeping your body up on that board. While this may make it sound like it would make the sport harder if you lacked strength in the specific muscles used to keep you upright on skis, it actually means the exact opposite. When all of your muscles are working as a team to keep you on that board, your stronger muscle groups can compensate for the weaker ones to keep you up on that board having fun.

2. When You Do Fall, You Can Get Back Up Much Faster

Nothing can suck the fun out of water skiing like having to stop and put your skis back on after a fall over and over again. The bindings on the water skis of a beginner or anyone prone to falling frequently are kept loose intentionally to prevent injuries during a fall. However, wakeboards are always bound tightly to prevent injuries. This means that after those inevitable first few falls when learning the sport (follow these tips to prevent injuries during a fall), you don’t have to take a lengthy break to reattach that wakeboard, which means you can get right back up on the water much more quickly.

3. High-Quality Wakeboards Can Be Extremely Affordable

One important part of being the best you can at any water sport is having the right equipment that is perfect for your body. However, you may have never had the luxury of being able to use water skis that were the right length, width, and style for your unique body due to their high purchase prices that left you having to rent skis and simply having to make do with any skis they had available in your size. However, wakeboards can be much more affordable than water skis. That means you may be able to afford to buy your own board, even if you couldn’t afford a pair of water skis, and choose one that is the perfect style and size for your body to give you a much-needed edge on the water.

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