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Posted by on Feb 1, 2017 in Uncategorized |

3 BIG Advantages That Come Along With Installing Automatic Motorcycle Ramps On Your Pickup

Owning your own motorcycle means you have a new way to look at travel and leisure, but this also means you have a new vehicle that could be better served with a few auto accessories. Automatic motorcycle ramps are one of those automobile accessories that most bike owners will never consider investing in, but these things are well worth the investment for you as the owner of a motorcycle. Take a quick look at these three big advantages you could reap with the installation of automatic motorcycle ramps on your pickup truck. 

Haul your bike for area-specific trips. 

There are some pretty incredible bike runs all across the US, but this does not necessarily mean that driving the bike across country sounds ideal. If you want to hit up those awesome motorcycle trails that are known for their great scenery without having to actually drive your bike, hauling it is a much better option. With a pickup truck outfitted with automatic motorcycle ramps, you can do this without the hassle of hauling a motorcycle trailer on the back of your truck. You can simple load the motorcycle on the back of your truck, drive close to the trail, and unload when you see fit. 

Haul your bike to a mechanic without hassle. 

If something goes wrong with your motorcycle or you are having some body work done, you will normally be left with the task of either finding a trailer to haul your bike on or finding someone who can pick you up at the shop if the bike is driveable, both of which can be a major pain. If your truck has automatic ramps, getting to the shop for any kind of work is a much easier feat to handle. Plus, it will not matter if the bike is working or not. 

Avoid the risk of damaging your bike while trying to load it on the bed of your truck. 

Most long-bed pickup trucks can easily haul a regular-sized motorcycle. The only problem is, getting the bike on the bed of the truck can be really hard if you don’t have any equipment. It is all too easy to cause damage to your motorcycle by trying to load it onto the bed of the truck with makeshift ramps. When you have the automatic ramps in place, your efforts will be as simple as pushing a button to let the ramps down and rolling the bike on board. 

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