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Posted by on Oct 28, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Self-Defense Products That Women Can Wear With Discretion

When you’re a woman who spends a considerable amount of time alone in the city — and perhaps in areas that are less than desirable — it’s important to be able to defend yourself if you’re accosted. Self-defense products such as pepper spray and a collapsing baton are useful to carry, but you’ll typically need to carry such items inside your purse or pocket, where you may not be able to reach them in time if you’re attacked. A simple solution is to choose self-defense products that you can wear on your person, which allows you to strike out at an assailant quickly enough to cause him to flee. Here are some useful ideas for these products.

Self-Defense Gloves

During the fall and winter, women will often wear gloves when they’re outside, so it’s worthwhile to change your designer gloves for a pair of self-defense gloves to help protect yourself. These gloves are built in various styles. Some have weights distributed around the knuckles, allowing you to deliver a devastating strike with much more power than a conventional punch, while others actually have plastic caps over the knuckles for the same purpose. The former style will blend in nicely, while the latter type is best to wear under a pair of larger gloves or mittens if you want to use discretion.

Shoelace Inserts

If you’re going to be wearing lace-up shoes or boots, attaching a set of shoelace inserts to each piece of footwear is ideal. These self-defense items typically consist of hard plastic spikes that sit in the middle of your laces. They’ll allow you to kick at an assailant and inflict significant damage. While people might technically look down and notice these products, the average person isn’t inspecting your shoes, which will allow you to wear them with relative discretion — and, if you’re out at night, the shadows will render these useful items virtually invisible.


Many self-defense companies produce jewelry for women to wear to feel more confident when they’re out alone. These items, which include spiked rings and bracelets, can often look fashionable, meaning that no one will suspect that you’re wearing them to defend yourself if you’re ever attacked. Additionally, things such as bracelets are worn beneath your sleeves, which means that no one will notice them. If you’re attacked, you can quickly swing your arms at the assailant’s face and scratch him hard enough for you to make your escape.

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