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Love Water Skiing But Not Great At It? 3 Reasons You Should Try Wakeboarding

Nothing can be more disheartening than finally getting out on the water to try water skiing, but then realizing that while the time you spend upright on those skis gliding on the water is so much fun, you unfortunately spend more time falling and strapping those water skis back on than you do enjoying the feeling of being on top of the water. However, just because you found out that water skiing wasn’t for you doesn’t mean that there aren’t similar water sports that you may be good or even amazing at. Wakeboarding is a great option that can be just as fun, if not more fun than water skiing, and here are three reasons why you may find it easier and more enjoyable than you found water skiing!

1. The Body Muscles Engaged by Each Sport Differ

Even though you may not be a great water skier, you may end up finding wakeboarding easy if your difficulty skiing was due to lack of strength in the specific muscles used to stay upright on water skis. Many people who experience difficulty staying upright on water skis lack strength in the specific muscles most engaged during the sport, which are the core, thigh, and back muscles.

When wakeboarding, virtually all of the muscles of your body are engaged in keeping your body up on that board. While this may make it sound like it would make the sport harder if you lacked strength in the specific muscles used to keep you upright on skis, it actually means the exact opposite. When all of your muscles are working as a team to keep you on that board, your stronger muscle groups can compensate for the weaker ones to keep you up on that board having fun.

2. When You Do Fall, You Can Get Back Up Much Faster

Nothing can suck the fun out of water skiing like having to stop and put your skis back on after a fall over and over again. The bindings on the water skis of a beginner or anyone prone to falling frequently are kept loose intentionally to prevent injuries during a fall. However, wakeboards are always bound tightly to prevent injuries. This means that after those inevitable first few falls when learning the sport (follow these tips to prevent injuries during a fall), you don’t have to take a lengthy break to reattach that wakeboard, which means you can get right back up on the water much more quickly.

3. High-Quality Wakeboards Can Be Extremely Affordable

One important part of being the best you can at any water sport is having the right equipment that is perfect for your body. However, you may have never had the luxury of being able to use water skis that were the right length, width, and style for your unique body due to their high purchase prices that left you having to rent skis and simply having to make do with any skis they had available in your size. However, wakeboards can be much more affordable than water skis. That means you may be able to afford to buy your own board, even if you couldn’t afford a pair of water skis, and choose one that is the perfect style and size for your body to give you a much-needed edge on the water.

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