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How To Choose The Right ATV

All-terrain vehicles are used for a variety of reasons. Many people purchase an ATV for pleasure: riding around the yard, taking on camping trips, or enjoying some time exploring areas off the beaten path. ATVs are also very useful for farming, hunting, and for use on the job if you work outdoors. Whether you are choosing your first ATV or you are purchasing a new one to replace an ATV you already have, it is important to do the appropriate research before you make a purchase. Several factors should go into your purchasing decision to make sure you get the right ATV at a price you can afford. This will ensure many safe and fun excursions. Use the following guide to help you choose your ATV.


Size is one very important factor to consider when purchasing an ATV. An ATV that is too big or too small can be dangerous, and can leave you vulnerable to injury when riding. Before you purchase one, go visit several showrooms to test out available sizes and models. You may get a better deal at an online retailer or by buying your new ATV second hand from a private seller. However, going to a showroom to try out ATVs before you buy will give you an idea of what make, model, and size fits you best. 

Safety Ratings

The safety rating is the most important factor to consider when purchasing an ATV. Read online reviews, both from the manufacturers’ websites, ATV dealers’ websites, and independent parties that review ATVs. Remember that some reviews may not be impartial, and you should get a variety of reviews from several types of sources before you make a decision. Once you have gathered information, choose an ATV with a high safety rating and consistently high reviews from multiple sources.


Price is a major concern for many ATV buyers. However, don’t let this one purchasing factor guide your buying decision. Narrow your list of possibilities down to a few ATVs in your budget, then narrow them down based on the other criteria. You don’t have to sacrifice safety and an appropriate fit to be able to find an ATV in your price range.

After you purchase your ATV, your research doesn’t end. Purchase the appropriate safety gear, to include goggles or safety glasses, boots, gloves and a helmet. Even the safest ATV can’t protect you from injury without the proper personal protective gear when you ride. For assistance, talk to a professional like Carl’s Cycle Sales.