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Make Sure To Buy These Safety-Related Items When You Buy Your Own Raft

If you’ve tried white water rafting on a few occasions at an outdoors center and have discovered your new passion, you may wish to eventually invest in a small raft — perhaps with a few of your friends — and focus on the sport together. If so, you’ll have a long list of gear to buy, from the raft to the paddles to your flotation device and helmet. It’s also important, however, to think about the safety gear you’ll need for a day out on the water. You may not have used these items at the outdoors center, and thus not been aware of them, but they’re vital to carry. Here are some worthwhile items to pick up.


Everyone in your rafting group should carry a whistle attached to the front of their flotation device. Whistles are an effective way to communicate with each other in the event of one person ending up in the river. While the person will be able to safely float because of his or her vest, it may be difficult for the others in the boat to spot the person — and the roar of the water can drown out any shouts. With a few blasts of the whistle, the person’s location will be evident to those in the boat.

Flare Gun

Every raft should have a flare gun tied down to it. You’ll ideally never need to use this item, but it will be vitally important if you ever get lost or stuck in a precarious spot on the river and require assistance. Instead of shouting for help, which is likely to be unheard, you can send off a flare or two. They’ll be seen from a significant distance, which should ideally alert others in the area to your location and predicament, allowing them to summon whatever rescue personnel are necessary.

Strobe Lights

Just as whistles are ideal to affix to each rafter’s vest, personal strobe lights are also necessary. These small devices can be turned on at dusk when the lighting is poor and can give the other rafters a clear idea of the location of someone who has fallen out of the boat during a rough patch of rapids. A strobe light can be not only ideal as a backup to the whistle, but it is also especially useful because the other rafters will be able to pinpoint the location because of the brightness of the light.

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