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How You And Your Gunsmith Can Keep Your Family Safe From Accidental Shootings

There’s nothing wrong with owning guns and raising children, as long as you’re safe with them. Unfortunately, it’s possible for children to get a hold of guns and accidentally shoot somebody. However, if you’re willing to work with your local gunsmith, you can teach your children to respect guns and to keep their hands off. This is a vital way to keep your family safe from these dangers.

Accidental Shootings By Children Are Up

One of the saddest statistics to emerge in 2016 is the number of people that have been shot by toddlers. As of May 3, 2016, 23 people were reported as being shot by toddlers. This is up from 18 people at the same time last year. The worst cases were probably those in which the children accidentally shot themselves, though a two-year old in Wisconsin accidentally shot his mother.

Incidents like this always have many people clamoring for tighter gun control laws. Without getting into the political or sociological implications of these laws, it’s clear that parents need to treat their guns with respect and teach their children the same level of respect.

Gunsmith Tips On Keeping Kids Away From Guns

Online gunsmiths and gun experts understand gun safety and how to keep your children from getting their hands on guns. Here are a few of their suggestions:

  • Avoid hiding guns, as this can turn it into a game of hide and seek. Instead, put them in a gun cabinet and keep the cabinet locked at all times.
  • Never keep pistols and other self-defense weapons out in the open, such as located under your pillow while you sleep at night.
  • Sit down and talk to your children in an open and honest way about the dangers of guns. Simply flatly demanding that they never touch guns will only inspire curiosity. Most children will understand these rules.
  • Always store your guns unloaded. This fact might seem obvious, but accidental shootings by children usually occur when the child is handling a loaded gun.

You might also want to talk to a gunsmith in your area and see if they can’t install some kind of safety device on your gun, such as a trigger lock. Contact a company like Lock’s Philadelphia Gun Exchange for more specific info.

Teaching Children To Respect Guns

If your children are still fascinated by your guns, it’s worth taking them to a gunsmith and having them give a short discussion on gun safety and the dangers of mishandling guns. Your child will be engaged by the trip to the shop and will be likely to listen to what the gunsmith has to say. This is especially true if they are willing to discuss the ways that guns can hurt people.

However, the buck ultimately stops with you. Teach your children how to properly behave around guns, including stopping when they see a gun, avoiding touching it, and running away to find an adult. Teach it to them using phrases like “Stop! Don’t touch! Find an adult!” as children often respond well to these memory devices.

By following this advice, you can keep your guns out of your children’s hand, teach them how to respect the power of a gun, and prepare them for a lifetime of safe gun handling when they get older.

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