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Three Safety Tips To Remember When You’re Dealing With Fireworks

Whether it’s a national holiday, get-together with family and friends or simply a backyard barbecue that you want to make more memorable, adding fireworks to the mix instantly increases the event’s fun factor. Small or large, fireworks are captivating to watch for the young and old alike. As you focus on making your event fun, it’s also important to be cognizant of keeping everyone safe. Fireworks aren’t without their risks — more than 17,000 fires began as a result of fireworks accidents in 2011 and, the same year, nearly 10,000 people were injured in fireworks accidents. To increase your likelihood of safety, your first step is to buy your fireworks from a licensed and reputable retailer. Here are three other tips you need to keep in mind.

Safety Equipment

Before you even think of starting the fireworks show, it’s vitally important that you have all the necessary safety gear with you. As far as your attire is concerned, it’s important to ensure that your clothing covers your skin and that it isn’t loose and baggy. It’s also advisable to wear gloves and eye protection. If you have long hair, tie it up. You should also keep several buckets of water and a hose nearby, as well as buckets of sand or dirt that can be used to cover dud fireworks until they’re safe to handle.


It’s important to never use fireworks when it’s windy. Even if the conditions are calm when you begin the fireworks show, remain vigilant about noticing the strength of the wind and stop lighting your fireworks if the wind picks up. You should also carefully survey the area that you’ll be using to ensure there are no overhanging trees. It’s ideal to light your fireworks on flat ground; trying to do so on uneven terrain can be dangerous as an individual firework could topple over and fly in an unexpected direction as it launches.


Many people hand out sparklers to those watching the fireworks show, but doing so can be risky. Although popular among kids, sparklers can potentially cause eye injuries and minor burns to the skin. The main concern with sparklers is that because the children will be looking skyward during the show, they won’t be focusing on the sparklers in their hands, which can result in burns. It’s best to skip the sparklers and focus on putting on a top-quality — and safe — show with the fireworks.

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