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5 Classes That Can Support Your Tumbling Aspirations

If you want to excel in tumbling, then you have probably already found an appropriate tumbling class to enroll in. However, there are several other disciplines that can give you important skills that will help you excel in your tumbling classes. If you are already involved in tumbling, consider these five other activities to help boost your tumbling skills. 


All dance classes can help improve your balance, self-awareness, and strength. However, ballet in particular is known for improving posture, coordination, and alignment, all of which are critical aspects of tumbling. 


Yoga can build strength and flexibility while helping you learn to complete slow, controlled movements. For the most benefits, enroll in a slow-paced yoga class as opposed to the cardio-yoga classes that are becoming popular. This can help give you control over your tumbling as opposed to relying on your strength and momentum to get you through an exercise. 


Tumbling requires a high amount of cardiovascular fitness. Unfortunately, during class, you may concentrate on short bursts of energy as opposed to maintaining a sustained level of aerobic effort. Adding one or two aerobic classes into your weekly schedule can increase your endurance and make your short bursts of energy more powerful and effective. 

Martial Arts

Martial arts teach you discipline and self-awareness, both of which are important to tumbling. While you may be on a tumbling team, it is mostly a personal activity and your development will depend heavily on your personal commitment to success. Martial arts can teach you self-dependence and the discipline that you will need to keep practicing on your own and succeed in tumbling. 

Swimming or Rock Climbing

Swimming is a great aerobic activity that increases your strength and endurance. Being in the water will also increase your awareness of your physical position and give you experience making minute physical adjustments to change your course of travel in various positions. Flip kicks can also help you maintain balance and awareness while flipping. 

If you are not comfortable in the water, rock climbing can give you similar benefits to swimming because it challenges you to reach new positions and increases your awareness of your balance and body mechanics. 

Enrolling in more tumbling classes each week is one way to increase your tumbling skills. However, by concentrating on rounding out your skills by enrolling in a few supplemental activities you stand a better chance of avoiding plateaus and continuing to progress during each tumbling lesson. 

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