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Are You Recovering From Heart Surgery? Learn How Martial Arts Can Help

Martial arts are more than likely the last thing on someone’s mind during the painful recovery of a heart attack and open heart surgery. However, achieving the mind and body alignment taught in most forms of martial arts could be the best way for you to control pain and learn how to successfully handle stress.  Stress has been found to be a major contributing factor to heart attacks and stroke. Find out more about Qigong, a meditative form of martial arts that strengthens the body through the alignment of its Qi.

What Is Qi And How Does It Impact Your Body’s Ability To Handle Stress?

The ancient Chinese believed each person has a life force energy line running through them, called Qi. When an interruption occurs in your Qi, you can suffer illness, disease and the unwanted side effects of stress. For martial artists, practicing Qigong helps to maintain healthy Qi alignment while also allowing them more strength and focus to deflect physical and emotional pain and stress. If you are dealing with the after effects of a heart attack and recovering from heart surgery, consider the benefits you could enjoy from aligning your Qi and becoming one in your mind and body. The metaphysical aspects of Qigong can provide you with a foundation to more easily overcome psychological and physical barriers in your life that create heavy stress.

True Relaxation Means You Are Experiencing Real Inner Peace

Most forms of martial arts are not just about combat and becoming proficient as a human weapon. In fact, the focus you learn during martial art training works to reinforce inner peace, pushing you to focus on it for avoiding physical contact and combat. Learning when it is best to fight means learning a deep sense of self-control that is born from real inner peace. When you master Qigong, finding your inner peace and drawing strength from it will get easier and easier with practice. Giving yourself time to explore your inner peace and to experience true relaxation is important for avoiding the side effects of too much stress, like attacks and strokes.

Recovering from heart surgery can be frightening and painful. Learning how to take control of your mind and put it to work for you physically through Qigong can help you have the strength you need for avoiding future incidents with your heart. While taking martial arts instruction may not have been on your list of things to do before your heart surgery, writing it there now is a good idea. Not only can you benefit from the emotional and psychological benefits of martial arts taught by a company like the Newbury Park Martial Arts Center, you can also benefit from the physical exercise involved as well.

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