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How Safe Is Your Dock? 3 Things Your Dock Must Have In Order To Be Safe

If you have a pond, lake or river near your property that you can use for recreational purposes, you probably want to create safe and easy access to the water. One of the best ways to do this is through the addition of a floating dock. A floating dock will allow you to dock your boat, do a little fishing or simply dive off into the water. However, you must make sure your dock is safe for everyone who uses it. Following are three things your dock needs in order to be safe. 

Size and Stability

Generally speaking, a larger dock with a lower profile is more stable and less likely to flip than a smaller dock. While you don’t need a large dock to tie your boat to, since your boat can be much larger than your dock, you have to consider size and stability for safety reasons.

First, you must consider how the dock will be used. If your kids are going to dive off it, and it’s perfectly fine for it to flip over now and then, you can have a dock that’s relatively small, but larger than 4 feet wide – docks that are smaller than 4 feet wide roll like logs.

Second, you must consider how many people will be using your dock at one time. A dock that is 6×12 feet is fine for two people, but you need more space if you plan to entertain more than that. 

Slip-Resistant Surface

You have several choices when it comes to selecting the surface of your deck. Wooden decks are the most popular, but you can also purchase decks made from resin or composite material. If you choose the latter, make sure the surface is slip resistant and that puddles will not form on top of the deck. After all, slip and fall injuries are very common around the water, and you don’t want someone falling and hitting their head off the side of your deck. 

Adequate Water Depth

The water surrounding your dock should be deep enough to dive into. If your water is shallow toward the shoreline, you will have to place a floating ramp on the water, leading from the shoreline to your dock. To be safe, water must be at least 5 feet deep on all sides of your dock.

There are many safety considerations you should make when purchasing a floating dock. While the goal is to have fun on the water, you should do everything you can to make sure everyone stays safe on the water. For more tips, contact a company like Dock Accents.

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