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Preparing Your Boat For Winter Storage

When the summer boating season ends, you need to prepare your boat to go into storage, whether it be an inside storage unit or storage outdoors. This will help ensure the most protection for your boat, so that when the warm weather finally arrives again, you and your family will be back out on the open waters before you know it. So take the time to get your boat ready, find a reliable storage facility near you, and know that your boat is weathering the winter cold just fine.

Preparing the Mechanics of the Boat

Acids or water that have found their way inside the oil can corrode your boat’s engine, so be sure to change the oil and filter so that no water remains inside the engine during the winter months. 

Also, drain the coolant and flush the system with water. Fill with antifreeze to protect your engine from freezing and corrosion. 

Controlling Mechanisms

You should remove the drive belts from your boat before placing it into storage. This is because the drive belts can crack if kept under tension for a long period of time. Also, grease the control mechanisms to ensure these parts are moving as they should when you remove your boat from storage.  

It’s also a good idea to disconnect the battery so that it does not drain and die while in storage. Charge the battery a few times over the winter to ensure it’s working properly when it’s time to get the boat on the water again. 

Regarding your gas tank, it’s a good idea to fill it before placing in storage. An empty gas tank can have a build-up of condensation, causing corrosion or other damage when the moisture freezes. Use some gasoline stabilizer so that gas does not break down while in storage. 

The Boat’s Interior

It’s a good idea to remove the boat’s electronics if you are storing the boat outdoors. Fabric, canvas and leather should also be removed, as moisture build-up can cause mildew and mold growth. Water tanks should be emptied out and antifreeze should be run through the pipes. 

Also, give your boat a good waxing and washing to help prevent rust and corrosion build-up on your boat. This part is especially important if you plan on storing the boat outside. Also, if your storage facility is outside, you’ll want to invest in a good, strong cover to protect your boat from the elements.

Follow these tips, and your boat will be ready to take you for a ride the first sign of boating weather. Visit sites like for more tips about boat storage.

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