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Hitting A Home Run: How To Help Your Child Get Ready For Baseball Tryouts

The spring thaw not only brings the end of the winter chill, but also the beginning of baseball season. If your child is ready to try out for the baseball team, it can be an exciting and overwhelming time. The first time your child faces baseball tryouts, it can be intimidating. If you want to help give your child the best possible chance of landing a spot on the team, preparation is essential. Here are some core skills to focus on before tryouts are scheduled.

Addressing the Athletics

If your child has athletic ability and a strong foundation of baseball skills, it can improve the chances of success at the tryouts. For several weeks leading up to the tryouts, spend time practicing core skills to help your child develop confidence and control.

Make sure that your child practices in uniform. By wearing a full uniform to practice, it provides a chance for him or her to become comfortable playing in the gear that he or she is going to have to play full games in.

Practice pitching with a focus on the mechanics. Consider grip, aim and follow-through as part of the routine. Teach your child how to maintain solid form when running and the proper way to slide without suffering a serious injury. Then, take time to focus on fielding. Practice several different types of plays to build a versatile foundation of skills.

Remembering the Positive Attitude

The old saying about attitude being everything couldn’t be more accurate than when you’re part of a team, like in organized sports. Before the tryouts, take time to talk with your child about the importance of teamwork, respect and listening to the coach.

It’s also important to set some reasonable expectations. Explain to your child that mistakes are normal, and to make sure that he or she is prepared for them. It’s important that your child not let a missed pitch or a dropped ball throw off the entire tryout.

Making Tryout Day a Success

Arrive early for the tryouts so that your child can take some time to get familiar with the field, the other kids and the coach. It will also provide time for warming up before the tryouts start.

No matter what, baseball tryouts should be fun and exciting. You want to be sure that your child is going to have fun. After all, what good is it to be part of the team if it isn’t going to be fun to play the sport? With the tips presented here, your child can approach tryouts through South Bay Sports Training with the right level of expectations and confidence in his or her abilities on the field.

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